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Pet Owners Share the Truth About Why They Canceled Plans (And It Wasn’t Really Sickness) |6 Min Read


Everyone cancels plans from time to time, but pet owners have a different reason for doing so. If you have a pet, you may already suspect what the reason is. For everyone else, that reason remains unknown for now, but you’ll soon find out.

Pet owners often see their pets as members of the family. For the owner, a pet is like a child that requires love, attention and care. Put that way, pets look a lot like children, so it’s understandable.

To understand why people cancel plans to hang out with your petsIt is important to remember how much care a pet requires.

Some of the things that pets need are:

  • a safe environment
  • healthy diet
  • learn normal and safe behavior (training)
  • companionship (both with humans and other pets)
  • protection against pain and injury
  • professional medical check-ups
  • disease and disease prevention
  • exercise
  • play
  • cleanliness

As you can see, pets require a lot of things. Some of these needs are a daily chore, and a loving pet owner will make sure the needs are met. So now is the time to explain the truth about why pet owners cancel plans.

Why pet owners canceled plans

By now you are beginning to understand why pet owners canceled their plans. The main reason they do this is to spend time with their pets. While your friend may not tell you this when they cancel, many people admit to canceling plans for this reason.

A survey conducted by Wisdom Health Genetics, which is a pet genetics company, proves this fact. The survey was conducted by 13,000 people who have pets, representing dog and cat owners. After reviewing the survey results, it was determined that many pet owners prefer spending time with their pets rather than doing other things.

Surveys showed that 72% of dog owners cancel plans to spend time with their dogs. Cat owners are slightly less guilty, with only 32% of them canceling plans to hang out with their cat. However, both dog and cat owners are guilty of this reason for canceling plans, and you can’t blame them.

Pet owners admit the truth

Some people have taken to social media to express their truth about canceling plans to hang out with their pets. They admit to having canceled plans to spend time with their pet, and aren’t ashamed of it either.

Owners love their pets and, as stated before, see them as their children. Many people even create social media pages for their pets to share photos and information with other people.

The bond that owners and their pets share is unmatched, and the data is there to prove it. Also, it is important to note that many people view their relationship with their pets as the most important thing.

Top Reasons Pet Owners Canceled Plans

Users on both Twitter and Facebook are posting about this on social media, and we’re here for your admissions.

Your pet underwent a procedure

Even seemingly simple procedures can be stressful for a pet. In one thread on facebook, a user by the name of Mary Myers posted: “Most recently, Tuesday. I said no to dinner because my dachshund’s teeth were cleaned. He needed conciliatory hugs! “Cuddling your pet after his teeth have been cleaned is comforting for your pet and will help him relax.

Your pet needs to keep a schedule

A Facebook user named Laurie Boucher Ziegelmann explained that all her plans must revolve around her pet. Instead of canceling plans, you don’t make plans without considering your pet.

Ziegelmann posted: “I would not say that I have actually canceled plans. However, EVERYONE or ANY plan focuses on the doggy feeding schedule, the potty schedule. Holidays only happen IF I can find a pet friendly home to rent. Hotels are forbidden since my girl is a talkative “.

With feeding and bathing schedules, you need to consider this and adjust accordingly.

Your dog needs attention

On Twitter, a user with the identifier @gyarunel posted: “I canceled plans to hang out with my dog ​​all day man it’s what he deserves.”

As mentioned above, dogs need and deserve attention and company. This owner made sure his dog got what he deserved by canceling his plans.

Your dog is comfortable or needs hugs

Another Twitter user, @HerrmannKenzie, took to Twitter to explain why he canceled his plans.

She posted: “Story time: Once I canceled plans to hang out with someone because my dog ​​was sleeping with me, and she was super comfortable and she was really cute 🙂 Don’t even regret it.”

Since her dog was comfortable, he couldn’t let her down by getting up.

Your pet was sick

People also cancel plans when their pets are not feeling well. Twitter user @tdro shared an update that read, “I canceled all my plans today to hang out with a sick cat. Yes, that seems normal. “

She hinted that choosing her pet over her plans is abnormal, but as we now know, this is not true. Canceling those plans is completely normal and is expected of pet owners from time to time. It’s all part of being a good homeowner.

They just wanted to hang out with their pet

Sometimes, there is no specific reason other than wanting to spend time with your pet. A Twitter user, @ pchance8She said, “I just canceled plans because I want to go home to hang out with my cat and knit a scarf … I’m so embarrassed right now.” Little did she know, she had nothing to be ashamed of because so many people are doing the same thing.

Another Twitter user, @neptoonie, he was saved from the events multiple times just to hang out with his pet. She posted, “The number of plans I have canceled to hang out with my cat is absurd.”

At least he’s sharing the truth about all those canceled plans!

Benefits of spending time with your pet

By caring for and spending time with your pet, people also benefit. Studies show that pet benefit both the physical and mental health of human beings.

Even with the additional work they require, the benefits outweigh the time invested. Most pet owners even enjoy the time they spend caring for their pets, so it’s not a sacrifice at all. Some of the benefits of owning a pet include:

You will exercise more

Having pets (especially a dog) will help improve his physical health by forcing him to exercise more. Dogs need exercise, so you have to take them out for a walk. This forces you to get out and about regularly.

Unsurprisingly, people are more likely to go for a walk with their dog than with another human. This makes pet owners more likely to get the recommended amount of exercise each day. So if you’re having a hard time getting enough exercise and don’t have a dog yet, consider adopting one.

Reduce stress levels and relieve symptoms of depression

Spending time with a pet can help less stress levels causing a decrease in cortisol levels in humans. If cortisol levels are too high, it can lead to stress, anxietyand depression. Petting and playing with animals can cause cortisol to drop significantly and reduce stress.

Those who spent time with animals also experienced a decrease in their depression symptoms. In addition to decreasing cortisol levels, this is likely due to animals making a human feel as if they are not alone and isolated. Also, the physical activity that animals require can help treat depression.

Reduce blood pressure and risk of heart attack and stroke

With less stress and more exercise, your blood pressure is bound to drop; the decrease in cortisol levels mentioned above also helps lower blood pressure. With a combination of decreased stress levels and increased amounts of exercise, your heart health will improve dramatically.

Your risk of heart attacks will also decrease, in part due to the drop in blood pressure. Also, having a pet, especially a cat, can help reduce your risk of stroke. However, it is not confirmed if this is due to decreased stress or if there is another reason.

Final thoughts on pet owners share the truth about why they canceled plans

Canceled plans do happen, and hopefully from time to time. You didn’t expect that reason to be for someone to hang out with their pet. However, now you know, as many pet owners are admitting it.

Whatever reason people choose to stay home with their pets, they are not only benefiting them, but also themselves. Pets offer many benefits to their owners, just as their owners offer benefits to them.

So the next time you (or a friend) cancel your plans to hang out with a pet, don’t feel bad. Just remember all the work pets require and how beneficial they are in the lives of their owners. It’s normal, and most pet owners often cancel plans to hang out with the pet.



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