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Penguin Leaps Into a Tour Boat to Avoid Being Eaten By Killer Whales – WATCH


A boatload of tourists saw the nature movie of his life, right in front of his eyes.

A gentoo penguin being chased by a pod of killer whales took a desperate leap to safety in his boat.

The successful jump happened only after a failed first attempt, when the little animal dived headfirst to the side of the boat and bounced in the dangerous water.

Travel blogger Matt Karsten and his wife Anna were touring the icebergs of the Gerlache Strait in Antarctica when they watched the incredible chase unfold.

In the video below, the jump that saved lives occurs at 2:00, ending the long chase scene …

This is not the first time humans have been in the right place at the right time to help. An otter at Halibut Cove was in similar trouble and frantically swam to safety as the orca followed.

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He reached John Dornellas’s boat and climbed into the stern just as the killer whale approached. He returned to the deck of the boat three times until the shoreline was clear.

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