Nicki Minaj Returns to Her Signature Barbie Pink Hair Color — See Photo

Nicki Minaj is a lot of things — a rapper, a motivational speaker, a survivor, a fashion icon, one hell of a makeup artist — but a wallflower never was and never will be one of them. Case in point: her newest hair color, cut, and style. On May 27, Minaj revealed via Instagram a new cut, color, and style with a length that cascades all the way down to her waist, punctuated by a 2000s-prom-style flip at the ends. More importantly, the style marks a triumphant return to the rapper’s signature hair color: sickly sweet bubblegum Barbie pink. 

If you know literally anything about Minaj, you know that pink is kind of her thing — well, very much her thing (do the albums Pink Friday, The Pinkprint, etc. ring a bell?). But it’s been a hot minute since any of us have seen her in pink hair this vibrant. For the past year, she’s been playing around with black, blonde, orange, pastel peach, and yellow hues (among others), all of which she looked totally gorgeous in. That said, it just feels right to see Minaj in her signature color at long last. 

The makeup, the hair, the matching outfit… Honestly, the whole thing has us itching to return to 2010 (ah, simpler times). Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be spending the rest of the day in celebration of this hair, throwing it back to “Super Bass” and still knowing every. Single. Word of it. 

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