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Mythical Creatures Made From Nature’s Waste Have Been Popping Up in Canadian Park


From baking banana bread to starting to ride a bike, many people have taken up new hobbies during the pandemic. An artist living on the west coast of Canada began spending time creating extraordinary sculptures out of twigs and dry grass, and later placed them in her local park, where they look like they came from a nature storybook.

Even if you can’t get to Robert Burnaby Park near Vancouver, Nickie Lewis has been posting photos of her intricate creatures on social media so people outside of British Columbia can get to know them.

From dragons to trolls, fairies to mermaids and Star Wars Ewoks, Lewis evokes the whimsical and mythical, creating surprises large and small for strangers.

@ TheWizardsMakery / Instagram

If she lives in the area, she created a map to help you find the art. Park officials said they “have no plans to remove the artwork at this time.”

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Lewis works from home as a co-owner of The Wizards Makery, which specializes in one-of-a-kind custom art. Follow her on Instagram at @handmade —To see more of his work and take a look at those sweet-faced woodland creatures in the photo gallery below.

If you go down to the forest today …

A big surprise awaits you …

From Ewoks to Chewie …

Mermaids for this girl …

There is art in this forest …

To make everyone smile.

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