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Megan Thee Stallion Wore Two-Toned Hair With Blue Bangs — See Photos

Megan Thee Stallion‘s glam team has been working overtime as of late, now that the rapper has been touring the world. At each performance, she has popped out with new hair, nails, and of course, a sexy outfit fit for booty-bouncing. (We’re partial to the blunt bangs, gold French manicure, and red two-piece she wore at the Wireless Festival in London.) The rapper has also been turning beauty looks offstage. The latest we’ve been fawning over is the two-toned black-and-blue hair she posted to her Instagram feed on September 26, which comes complete with cobalt bangs up top and pieces of the same hue peeking out from underneath the black parts. 

Megan’s Instagram carousel includes several selfies showing off her gorgeous new look. The coloring on this wig, which was created by hairstylist Kellon Deryck, is so damn cool. The cobalt shade extends from her roots to the long bangs that fall right at her eyes, covering her brows. (This whole look actually reminds us of the neon green roots Billie Eilish used to wear.) The blue then fades into a deep black that runs through most of the hair. Also: let’s get into those flashes of blue running throughout. We gotta admit, it looks stunning with the cascading waves of black hair. 

If you look closely, you may notice that the black and blue in her hair mimic some of the colors in her galaxy-inspired manicure. Megan dedicated a separate carousel just to her nails where you can see all the details of the tiny planets that make up the mini-universe on her hands. 

Sadly, this edgy style was short-lived because a few hours later, she was already posting videos and photos from her Governor’s Ball performances. The blue bangs may not have made their way onto that particular stage, but the rate at which Megan changes her hair, we have no doubt that she will once again bless us with more two-toned inspo in the future. 

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