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Matching Hair Color to Skin Undertones

By Jenna Brooks

Have you been looking for a new hair color to spice up the holiday season with? There are so many gorgeous options and trends that have been spread around the internet recently if you’re looking to experiment with all sorts of different colors. However, it can be risky for someone who has never dyed their hair before to try to determine what color will look best on their skin tone. With so many different, beautiful skin tones out there from golds to neutrals to those on the pinker side, it can be hard to determine exactly what shade or even color in general to pick. Luckily, I’m here to guide you along on your hair dye journey and explain exactly which colors will match which skin undertones. 

You may be asking exactly how to know which undertone you even have; however, this is fairly easy to determine. You likely have warm toned skin, or skin with yellow-gold undertones if your veins appear green, if you tend to look better in gold jewelry, if you gravitate towards warm colors in your closet, and if your hair has a slightly redder or deeper brown tone. You likely have cool toned skin, or skin with pinkish undertones if your veins appear blue or purple, if you tend to look better in silver jewelry, if you gravitate towards colder colors in your closet such as black or light blue, and if your hair has an ashy or dark black tone to it. Those with neutral skin tones have veins that are a mix of colors, look equally good in gold and silver jewelry, can mix up the colors they choose from their closet, and have a wide range of hair colors.


For those with warm undertones, you’re going to look better in warmer hair colors, think of deep, chocolate browns, anything on the redder side of things, even pinks or magenta’s, and a honey blonde. The colors are going to truly make your skin glow from within, and they are going to accentuate your eye color. Choosing a warmer toned color for your hair will bring out its full potential and you will look like a goddess. 

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For those with cool undertones, you’re going to look better in cooler hair colors, think of ashy browns, deep, cold blacks, even pastel blues, purples, and greens to mix things up, and a cooler ash blonde, potentially even platinum. Going for a cooler color will accentuate your skin, eyes, jewelry and clothing exceptionally. 

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Finally, for those with neutral undertones, you’re the lucky exception. You are truly able to choose and rock any hair color you’re interested in, from a deep black to a pastel pink, the hair dye world is your oyster. There aren’t any colors that will clash with your jewelry or wardrobe, and thus feel free to experiment with any color of your choosing, maybe even go for multiple colors for a fun twist. 

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