Manna Kadar’s Lip Mask Revived My Dehydrated Lips | Review

With all the cloth face coverings I’ve been wearing these days, my lips are practically starved for attention. Dare I say, they’re even a bit jealous of the love that I’ve been giving to my eyes, what with all the fun eye makeup looks and enhanced flirty glances. They miss (and I do, too) the bold red lipstick shades and subsequent sugar scrubs that used to be so familiar during those pre-pandemic times. Needless to say, my lips are in desperate need of a little recognition.

The Manna Kadar Beauty Lip Bliss Mask is an all-day product that can find its way into your purse (right next to the hand sanitizer) just as easily as in a drawer of your bathroom vanity. It doesn’t feel overpowering in either texture or smell. In fact, the subtle sweetness of the scent gave me faint flashbacks to my middle school lip glosses, but in the best way. 

When applied during the day, the mask enhanced my natural lip shade and almost functioned like a super-hydrating gloss. When I applied after going through my whole nighttime skin-care routine, I woke up with the smoothest lips that practically screamed, “I drink eight glasses of water every single day.” Not to mention, the doe-foot applicator made painting on the lip mask feel like stroking velvet against your skin. It was luxurious without being too pretentious.

After application, my lips went from cracked and peeling to plump-looking and cushiony almost immediately. They also have absolutely gotten better with each use, which has made the idea of swiping on lipstick feel less grotesque. Who knows, I might even treat my lips to a few days of MAC Ruby Woo thanks to this moisturizing lip mask.

You’ll find the Manna Kadar Beauty Lip Bliss Mask in our November 2020 *Allure* Beauty Box.


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