Madeca Derma’s Revitalizing Mask Is My Dry, Winter Skin Savior | Review

I haven’t left my home in 15 days (or maybe it’s been 20). Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak made its way to New York City back in March, I’ve made it a point to stay inside — for as long as I could. I’ve grown used to my agoraphobic behavior, but my skin is still adjusting. That’s where the Madeca Derma Revitalizing Mask sheet mask comes in.

With all this time indoors, my finicky skin is dryer than ever and randomly reddens and flakes. Fun! “Being indoors exposes us to uncirculated air that contains dust and other indoor pollutants that can negatively impact our skin,” Ryan Turner, a dermatologist in New York City, previously told Allure. On top of the debris in my stuffy apartment, the air inside is also often drier. All of this is to say, my drier, flakier skin has been in desperate need of a little TLC in the hydration department. 

To combat the dryness, I’ve been using Madeca Derma Revitalizing Mask — a sheet mask made of 100 percent cotton and drenched in moisturizing and calming ingredients including glycerin, allantoin, red algae, and centella asiatica (aka cica). It’s super easy to apply and requires little effort on my end when my skin is feeling extra dry. I rip open the sachet, unfold the mask, and smooth the essence-soaked cotton fabric over my clean, dry skin. I leave it on for 20(ish) minutes (about the time it takes to watch a rerun of The Office), then pull off the mask to reveal hydrated dewiness. I like to rub in the excess essence to really get the most out of it. A week later, I start the process all over again.

You can find the Madeca Derma Revitalizing Mask in the February 2021 Allure Beauty Box. 


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