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Laneige Layering Lip Bar Gives You Instant Gradient Lips, and TikTok Is Obsessed

Of all the beauty trends TikTok is obsessed with, K-beauty might be the least surprising. The #Kbeauty tag, where users pass tips and product recommendations back and forth, has a whopping 985 million accumulated views and counting. On that note, I’ve seen tons of tutorials going around for “gradient lips,” a K-beauty-inspired lipstick look with all the color focused on the inner center of the lips. Plenty of people achieve this look with a combination of high-coverage concealer, several lipsticks or lip stain shades, and sometimes even eye shadows — but one TikTok user has discovered a product that can do it all in a single swipe.

“Let me introduce you to the Laneige Layering Lip Bar,” says a user by the handle @misspersephone in a video that’s garnered more than a million views in just a few weeks. “I’ve been wearing variants of these since about 2016 and they are a gradient lip in a tube.” She points out that these specific Laneige lipsticks have actually been used on the sets of several Korean television programs, so they’re already extremely popular outside of the US. “They have a balmy texture and are actually quite moisturizing throughout the day — I really highly recommend these.”

This balm-lipstick hybrid sadly isn’t super easy to locate in America (right now, the only places you can find them are eBay and online discount retailers like eCosmetics). But, as Allure‘s deputy editor Kara McGrath can attest, the Layering Lip Bar is worth the hunt. “I’ve yet to meet a Laneige product I don’t love, and this lip balm is no exception,” she says. “Obviously the main draw is the one-step ombre (and yes, it really does look as good as this TikTok video is making it seem!!) but as a bonus, the texture is creamy and hydrating enough to replace my usual lip treatment on days when I want to add a little color.” 

If you’re not familiar with Laneige at all, let us fix that for you real quick because it’s a long-term favorite of Allure editors across the board. The brand’s Sleeping Lip Mask is a 2019 Best of Beauty Award winner and a 2020 Reader’s Choice Award Winner. Actually, it’s nominated for yet another Reader’s Choice Award for 2021 (you can cast your vote for it and many other products with our reader poll right here).

We can only hope that one day soon, Laneige fully launches all 20 Layering Lip Bar shades in the US. Maybe, if it goes viral enough, it could happen. You never know, but in the meantime, we’ll be watching this mesmerizing demo over and over again. 

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