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Interior Designer Justina Blakeney’s Uncomplicated Approach to Beauty

Much like her bohemian home decor brand Jungalow, Justina Blakeney’s beauty rituals are all about relaxation and (stylish) comfort. The Los Angeles-based designer creates self-care spaces throughout her home and believes in the power of plants for nourishing her soul, skin, and signature halo of curls. “I look for beauty products that have ingredients I can understand.”

Blakeney takes her beauty philosophy of being close to nature one step further each morning: “Most integral to my beauty routine is my outdoor shower,” she says. That’s the beauty of living in Los Angeles, where it’s 70 degrees — and sunny — most of the year. Inside, her rituals continue in an idyllic setting. “I bought a vanity to get ready for shoots, but it’s leveled up how much I care for my skin. Having a dedicated spot is a reminder to take care of yourself,” says Blakeney. “Like with any intention that you have in your life, making space for that intention in your home, makes space for it in your life.” 

And spending time in each of these places practicing self-care also reinforces the significance of self-love. “Take care of yourself. This is the only thing you’re ever going to have. This is your body. This is your hair,” Blakeney tells Allure

Here, what’s in her beauty arsenal. 


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