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Incredible Customer Service Letter Arrives Next Day After Phone Call Opens Personal Connection


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Arpi Krikorian wanted to place a phone order for contact lenses in October, so he called 1-800 CONTACTS and made a contact he will never forget.

“Along the way, the friendly customer service representative asked me what we do, so we had a conversation about my husband’s non-profit organization, Code 3 Angels and its global humanitarian work. “

Currently, their efforts are concentrated in a region called Artsakh that borders Armenia, which was attacked by Azerbaijan to expel Armenians from the area.

He explained what they were doing as a family to help displaced people from Artsakh, and obviously made a great impression on the telephone agent Lyndi Reed.

“The next day, I received a personal greeting card in the mail from that customer service representative with a $ 100 donation inside!”

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The card says:

Dear Arpi and Joe,
Thank you for sharing your story about the missionary work you are doing in Armenia. My heart was touched. We live in crazy times. The people of Armenia will be in my prayers. You will both be in my prayers that you are safe, strong and protected. Thank you for your contact lens orders. We appreciate your business. It was nice meeting you. This is a small donation. I know that you will use it for what best suits your needs.
Take care!
Lyndi reed

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The next time you need to call 1-800 CONTACTS, or any customer service team – remember there are friendly people who might think Nice to meet you too.

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