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‘I’m not a cat,’ Lawyer Tells Judge When He Can’t Change The Zoom Filter – Hilarious Video


Virtual courtrooms, of course, have their drawbacks, but who would know that one of them would see a serious attorney explaining to a judge, “Am I not a cat?”

When Rod Ponton couldn’t turn off a cute kitty Zoom filter in a Texas court hearing, it’s safe to say he got in trouble.

He promised the judge that his paralegal was working to fix the problem. With his fluffy kitten’s eyes growing wider, more confused, and more expressive, Ponton felt the need to let Judge Roy Ferguson know that it was not really a cat. Ferguson kindly replied, “I can see that.”

Watch the video and let us know if you think the most surprising part of this Zoom call is: a) That no one on the call laughed at the mishap b) That this pandemic era video is seemingly impossible to watch just once .

With 20 million views online, if you keep hitting play, know you’re probably not the only one.

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Ponton laughs. He doesn’t seem to mind the attention at all, telling the New York Times, “If I can make the country laugh for a moment in these difficult times that they are going through, I am happy to let them do it at my expense.”

(WATCH the video below.)

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