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I Tried the ’70s Flip Hairstyle Going Viral on TikTok — Photos

Getty Images/Jihan Forbes

But I wasn’t surprised. While I do have plenty of hair, getting this style right starts with having the correct cut. “The only way to make this hairstyle really work is to start with a great layered haircut,” says hairstylist Michelle Sultan. “The base cut is really important to ensure that each layer supports the one underneath.” 

Read that again, folks, because Sultan is dropping gems: “A curtain fringe is key to this look, so get your hairdresser to leave the bangs longer and sexier around the face,” she says. 

If you want to nail this style exactly as it is, ask your hairstylist for a layered shag cut or a soft mullet — both of which happen to be trending at the moment.

While Mallory Jade and I both used a flatiron to create the texture, Sultan notes that this look can also be achieved with a round brush and a blow-dryer if you’re down to put those skills to the test. 

“Starting at the back, use a medium or large round brush with a hair-dryer, making sure the nozzle directs airflow downwards. Follow the brush through to smooth hair shaft and to create large barrel curls,” Sultan explains. “Once each section is finished and while your hair is still warm, use a large grip to set and hold the hair before moving on to the next section.” 

Be sure you’re directing your hair away from your face as you create the curls.

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After you’ve made all your curls and they’re sitting in grips, spray it with hairspray to create some hold. “Once your hair has cooled, completely remove the grips, using a padded brush to bring the shape together,” Sultan shares. “Make sure to brush downwards and flick the ends out away from the face.” 

Once that’s done, you can shake your hair out and live your Studio 54 fantasy.

Courtesy of Jihan Forbes

So what did I learn? One, that there’s more than one way to do this style, but also, that if you want it to come out a certain way, you need to have the right haircut to do it. My hair is cut into a heart-shaped ‘fro so it wasn’t ideal, but I did feel damn glamourous and I’ll definitely be trying this style again in the future. 

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