Horoscopes December 2020 — Love and Career Predictions

Read every sign’s current 2020 horoscope predictions to see what’s in store for you this year or check out each sign’s personality profile to learn more about the zodiac.

Welcome to December, the final month of the hell-storm that has been 2020. The holiday season tends to be stressful anyway, but this year is unlike any we’ve ever experienced, as many of us are changing up our holiday traditions to accommodate for the pandemic. Thankfully, when communication planet Mercury enters optimistic Sagittarius on Tuesday, December 1, it becomes easier to find joy despite the disruptions. You may start to feel ready to plan safe ways to see one another

But don’t work yourself too hard trying to make everyone happy, because the last thing anyone needs is more stress. When the sun in stubborn Sagittarius squares Neptune in dreamy Pisces on Wednesday, December 9, you may be feeling a bit insecure, so lay low. Marathon a new TV show, cozy up with a mug of tea, and get enough sleep. Make sure you’re taking care of you, above all. 

If Sagittarius could be summed up in one word, it’s “fun.” During the middle of the month, there’s a new moon and solar eclipse in Sagittarius on Monday, December 14, encouraging us all to do what we can to let go of our worries and make room for some joy. Try and focus on having a good time without making any major commitments; you don’t need to take on any new responsibilities right now. 

Hardworking Capricorn season begins on Monday, December 21, the same date as the winter solstice. Capricorn isn’t just all work; this sign also goes all-in on play when they’re off the clock. Yes, there’s a pandemic going on, but you can get creative about how you spend your time. Set aside the caring full moon in Cancer on Tuesday, December 29 to catch up on sleep and turn up the self-care. New Year’s Eve is extra special this year, because on Thursday, December 31 the moon in bold Leo opposes both Jupiter and Saturn in revolutionary Aquarius, sending signals of hope that 2021 will be a more uplifting year. 

December Predictions by Zodiac Sign

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Get ready for orgasms this month, Aries, as the season of fellow fire sign Sagittarius lights up your sex life. Whether you’re solo or partnered, December is an amazing month to explore the healing powers of intimacy. However, the name of the game is fun. Wait until after the new year to make any major commitments and sign legal documents (so hold off on that Zoom elopement). Read your full December horoscope here.

December is a busy month, Taurus, and it’s important that you set clear boundaries with loved ones, especially as we try to navigate the holidays in a pandemic. That being said, you are in for some good times this month. And, if you can believe it, you may even see some of the political change that you’ve been working for, reminding you that it’s okay to hope. Read your full December horoscope here.

It has been a hell of a year, Gemini, and you have been through more than you realize. You’re the social butterfly of the zodiac, and Sagittarius season comes with events (virtual or IRL) that remind you to spread your wings. Just be sure to make room for yourself, because some of your pent up pain may come to the surface this month. Read your full December horoscope here.

You love the holiday season, Cancer. Even if you aren’t religious, you appreciate the sentimental value of spending time with family and friends over food and wine. It will be hard to adjust your plans this year due to the pandemic, but you can still connect virtually. Your community will rely on you to provide some guidance, which can be overwhelming. Remember to make plans for self-care, too.  Read your full December horoscope here.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

As much as you want to roar loudly during this fellow fire sign and holiday season, make sure to make time for rest, Leo. Remember, you need to indulge in self-care every once in a while. Unless you find some balance, you may run yourself ragged this month. In fact, you’ll need extra downtime, as December finds you licking old wounds and tending to past trauma when the comet Chiron goes direct. Make use of this opportunity for growth. Read your full December horoscope here.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Your sex life is exciting this month, Virgo, but be careful not to break any hearts. The person you should truly focus on is yourself, especially when a comet known as the “wounded healer” goes direct in the middle of the month and asks you to tend to old trauma. Don’t worry, the right lovers and partners will support you through this personal journey.  Read your full December horoscope here.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Your flirting is out of control this month Libra, and crushes and lovers are showering you with attention. Just make sure to keep everything safe and ethical, as the holiday season is not the time to be dealing with any heartbreak. Also, as the sign of justice, you care about the future of this world politically. This month could begin to reveal some glimmers of hope.  Read your full December horoscope here.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Despite all the holiday distractions, December is a productive month for you, Scorpio. You tend to feel aimless when you’re working on something, whether it’s your job or something creative, so give yourself a task. Just make sure that you also make time for self-care, too. Between figuring out the holiday with family and trying to check off your to-do list, you may be spread a bit thin. Read your full December horoscope here.

Your season continues, Sagittarius, and there’s still time to celebrate yourself. However, just because you’re the center of attention, it doesn’t mean you can’t find time to focus on your love and sex life, too. But this isn’t necessarily a month to make major commitments or decisions. Instead, focus on doing what you do best: having some fun and going with the flow. Read your full December horoscope here.

You work hard and you play hard Capricorn, but lately, it’s been heavy on the work. While other signs may have been having a hard time focusing these past few months, you’ve been spinning your wheels and working overtime following any lead you have. This month, however, it’s hard for anyone to get work done, and you may as well just try to have some fun with your loved ones.  Read your full December horoscope here.

This has been a hell of a year for you, Aquarius. And believe it or not, this month, the stars align to remind you that your efforts can pay off. Now, it’s time to take a break. The only question that remains: Can you stop trying to save the world long enough to have a virtual happy hour with friends? Read your full December horoscope here.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

December is a game of tug-of-war between your introvert and extroverted tendencies, Pisces. Can you have a fun Sagittarius season while also making time for plenty of calming baths? Cosmic shifts in the middle of the month promise to add heat to your sex life, which may be as healing as it is hot. Read your full December horoscope here.

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