Function of Beauty Customizable Hair Products Are Coming to Target

If you’ve ever found yourself in a gift shop with a spinning rack of name keychains but haven’t actually found your name, there’s probably a special place in your heart for personalized items. Whether your name is uncommon or simply spelled a little differently — shout-out to everyone whose name ends in i — there’s just something extra-special about seeing your name on a magnet, a bottle opener, or in the case of Function of Beauty, a bottle of shampoo or conditioner. But even if your name wasn’t on the bottle, it’s still — and especially — awesome because of what’s inside: a formula customized for your specific hair type and concerns.

Just like personalized trinkets with less-popular names, finding literally-made-for-you shampoo and conditioner in a shop has been nearly impossible. But Function of Beauty is about to change that by bringing its customized hair care to brick-and-mortar stores — but not of some high-falutin’ beauty boutique. Function of Beauty is coming to Target.

Target already has some ambitious beauty plans for 2021 — mini Ulta Beauty stores are coming to 100 locations soon, for example — and this is easily among the most exciting. Right there in the store, you’ll choose one of four shampoo and conditioner base formulas determined by your hair’s texture: straight, wavy, curly, or coily. Then you choose up to three “#hairgoals booster shots” out of 10 available: strengthen, deep-condition, volumize, shine, curl definition, thermal protection, color protection, lengthen, soothe scalp, and anti-frizz. All ingredients are at least 92 percent naturally derived, as well as sulfate-, paraben-, and cruelty-free; the curly and coily bases are also silicone-free.

“We are thrilled to bring Function of Beauty exclusively to Target and continue to be a destination where direct-to-consumer brands can extend their reach and excite our guests,” says Cassandra Jones, vice president of beauty at Target. “The clean and unique customization that the brand brings to personalized hair care is a differentiator, and we look forward to our guest response to this new brand and all that’s to come in our beauty assortment in 2021.”

This is the second big news from Function of Beauty this year. Just this past September, the brand expanded its customizable products with a body-care line. (Fingers crossed that the collection eventually comes to Target, too!)

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