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Facebook and Twitter CEOs will testify in Senate hearing after the election


Facebook He said at the time it was narrowing down the distribution of the story until it was reviewed by the company’s fact-checking partners. A spokesperson explained that it is “part of [the company’s] standard process to reduce the spread of misinformation. ”Meanwhile, Twitter completely blocked the URL of the story from being shared through tweets and direct messages, citing its existing policies on pirated materials. The steps the platforms took rekindled accusations that they have a anti-conservative political bias. As a result of the backlash, Twitter had to to update his pirated materials policy and had to unlock the New York Post link.

In addition to discussing the response of companies to the Publications history, the committee will also have the opportunity to “review [their] 2020 Election Management ”, as the hearing will take place a couple of weeks after Election Day. However, before the executives face the Senate to testify about the news suppression, they must first assist a hearing on Section 230 protections on October 28.


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