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This morning we are proud to share a number of great items. There are a number of items in Excalibur Dehydrator worth featuring today, so let ‘s get going ASAP!

The first item is…
Excalibur 5-tray, Digital 48hr Timer, Black 🙂


Five-tray, 8 sq ft capability
Plastic Trays measure 15″ x 15″
48 hour, electronic timer
Two Time, Two Temperature speeds up drying
Made in the united states with USA and globally sourced materials
Clear door to effortlessly see drying progress
Adjustable Thermostat 95°F to 165°F
5’’ fan, 440watts for increased air blood supply

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The 2nd product on the list today is Replacement Trays 15″x15″ 🙂

Replacement 15″ X 15″ trays for 5-Tray and 9-Tray Excalibur Dehydrators. Made from super strong polycarbonate, virtually unbreakable*** Mesh Screens / Polyscreens – Sold Separately ***  Shop compatible 14”x14” Polyscreen Tray Inserts HERE.


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The third item on our list for today is Replacement Knob- 5 & 9 Tray Dehydrators.

Replacement Knob- 5 & 9 Tray DehydratorsModels 3926T, 3900, 2900, 3526T, 3500, 2500, ED 600, ED 900, ED 300, ED 321 and ED 500, ED 501.
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After that we have 12†Vacuum Sealer with Built-in Roll Holder!


Integrated Roll Holder and Cutter200W Power12.2”/310mm Optimum Bag WidthDual PumpTwo Vacuum Modes and Seal Time SettingsPulse Function


Excalibur’s 12 inch vacuum sealer with case roll owner securely seals as much as 49 bags with no down time. Accommodates bags and rolls under 12.2 ins! Built-in bag roll holder and cutter. Perfect vacuum cleaner sealer for fresh or frozen foods; solids, liquids and powders. Automatic cleaner and seal function. Option to pulse the cleaner for delicate items.

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The next item on the list today is Pepper Jerky Mix 6-Pack.


Enough to make 3 lbs
Cut your meat in strips and marinade

Can be used being a marinade or in ground meat to include a good pepper flavor to your jerky!

Mesquite Jerky MixGive your jerky a fantastic mesquite flavor. Simply put in a little water and white vinegar to this packet, cut your meat in strips and marinade. Then all you’ve got to do is place your meat on your own Dehydrator trays and dry! 

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