Edgy Grunge Makeup Look Inspirations To Rock This Fall

Go edgy, chic, and bold this fall! Learn one of the biggest trends in the 90s by following these fabulous grunge makeup look inspirations!

Cool Grunge Makeup Looks Perfect For Fall

Grunge Makeup Look Ideas

Howdy, girls! We’re inching our way to winter, which means I’ll be sharing new and updated ideas on makeup, hair, and skincare that’s perfect for the season. I hope you keep tabs on them. This month too we are looking forward to three huge events: election, Thanksgiving, and, of course, one of my favorites, Black Friday shopping!

But before we get into that, let’s have a rewind and let me reintroduce one of the biggest makeup and fashion trends many, many years ago: grunge. I’ll do that by sharing some of the best grunge makeup look inspirations out there!

1. Let’s Go Classic

Dark eyeshadows and bold lips – these are two of the classic trademarks of grunge, which are surprisingly perfect for the fall season since they add more solid colors. However, since we’re all about updates, you can couple these with nude blush, winged eyes, or a beautiful blend of pastel and dark eyeshadows.

2. Let Your Sexiness Ooze Out

MADyRRm7X58-selective-focus-photography-of-woman-wearing-gray-lace-spaghetti-strap-crop-top-leaning-on-wall | grunge eye makeup

Grunge plus sexy? That might not have worked more than twenty years ago! But because we already have a wide variety of lippies that add not only color but also sex appeal, you can now be edgy but sexy at the same time! Soft black smokey eyeshadow and diffused lip color will do the trick.

3. Smacking Blue Lips

MADGwAr3RRk-woman-wearing-black-3-4-sleeved-shirt | 90s makeup

The idea black is the color of grunge has long passed. Besides, these days “experimental” is the name of the game. The quickest way to update your grunge makeup look is to change your lippy color! In this case, swap your black with deep blue.

If you can’t go all out with blue, then how about plum lipstick? It’s equally dark but it’s a perfect shade if you want to test the waters first.

4. Soft Grunge Makeup

MADyREVIzFE-photo-of-a-woman-leaning-her-chin-on-her-hand | soft grunge makeup

Every time I think of grunge makeup, I always remember “excess baggage.” That means the mood and thus the overall look tends to lean toward something dark, goth, or emo. But since this is the future or the modern present (yup, I made that one up), you can go light – that is, wear the soft grunge.

Go for a bronze smokey eye makeup partnered with 90s terracotta brown lips! I like using this nude eyeshadow palette because it has a great mix of bronzey nudes and dark shades as well.

5. Let’s Bring Summer To Fall

MADAnPSfr30-fashion-portrait-of-young-woman-with-blue-lips | grunge makeup looks

Does it feel like soft grunge lacks color? Then go ahead and wear pastel grunge! It’s a great way to play with contrasts: light colors, bold makeup. Does it sound complicated? Well, not really. Just play with some pink reddish eyeshadow and dark-colored lipstick and you can easily get this look.

6. Simple Grunge Makeup Look

MADYkaJvLW0-girl-in-denim-jacket | 90s grunge makeup history

Don your denim jacket, strap your boots, wear your denim shorts and white crew-neck shirt, and enjoy casual weekends for hours with this all-night 90s grunge makeup look. It requires only a few things for makeup and demands only focus on the eyes. Simple, easy, and quick.

7. Grungy Like Rihanna

MADIx7sZz9s-good-looking-girlfriend-with-nice-hair-wearing-silver-jacket | 90s grunge outfit

Only a few celebrities can pull off the grunge look, and the Disturbia girl is one of them. She also shows grunge is actually for everyone, not just for people with pale or fair skin. In fact, it’s all about the attitude! While you’re at it, you might also want to check out another Nikkie Tutorials and find out why Wanted is an amazing “grunge” color for you.

8. Grunge Meets Polished

MADBQU6KlqM-woman-portrait-with-dark-lips | grunge aesthetic

In this look, it’s messy hair out, sleek hair in. It’s a complete modern grunge transformation beginning with a dainty and elegant polish of the hair, so you can wear grunge and look glam. Just awesome for a formal party, don’t you think? Super pale lips and super smokey eyes? Super Fab a-la Kim Kardashian.

9. Cute Grunge Makeup Look

MADBHAt9xXc-beauty-portrait-of-young-pretty-woman-with-fashion-make-up | soft grunge makeup tutorial

Grunge makeup can be cute too, you know?  How? Well, all you need to do is give your dark eye makeup a touch of peach or bronze. Additionally, put on a peachy glossy lipstick to complete the look.

Oops! Do you honestly believe I’ll just end my makeup tutorials with 9? Of course not! Let’s add one more – a warm grunge makeup look tutorial perfect for the season!

The late 80s and the 90s babies definitely understand the concept of grunge. It’s messy, dark, bold, and emotional. In fact, it can have some hints of goth! Well, guess what, times have changed, and our creativity, ingenuity, and nostalgia give us a more modern take on the grunge makeup era.

Are you ready to go grunge? Of course, you are! Come celebrate the vibrant 90s with me by doing any of these grunge makeup look tutorials. All of them are simple and easy to do.

But don’t forget: be unique, stand out, and carry yourself with the biggest confidence and fierceness you can muster. Once you get all these, you can rock this like a pro.

Which of these grunge makeup look tutorials is your favorite? I’m excited to know so please leave your comments below.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in August 2019 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.




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