Which of these do you enjoy the best? SKU Set: Foster, Bumper Sticker, 50 or Foster Jotter, Foster Heart?

We found 2 awesome items from Best Friends Store

This heads up is for two lovely products from Best Friends Store that are simply great. Between SKU Set: Foster, Bumper Sticker, 50 and Foster Jotter, Foster Heart, which do we like better? Why?? Let’s take a much closer look and see what we can see.

1st on the list we have is

SKU Set: Foster, Bumper Sticker, 50 😛

SKU set of 50 Foster Bumper Stickers.

Each sticker measures 9″x 3″

Best Friends Store >
Best Friends Branded > SKU Set: Foster, Bumper Sticker, 50

The second item on our list today is Foster Jotter, Foster Heart.

Short-term commitment. Long-term lifesaving The Best Friends foster collection is inspired by the heroes who open their hearts — and their homes — to pets who need a little extra time. They remind us that saving a life often starts with simply saving the day.

Need to jot down some life-saving notes on fostering? This perfect sized jotter notebook can go with you anywhere. 

3.5″ x 5″ 

70 sheets

Best Friends Store >
BF Branded > Foster Jotter, Foster Heart

I’m calling my pick between these two is.. by a very tiny margin: Foster Jotter, Foster Heart.

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