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Cutest Christmas Hair Accessories

By Jenna Brooks

With December here, it is the perfect time of the year for showing off some holiday spirit and trying new looks! If you’re wanting to bring a pop to your holiday outfits for this year, definitely check out some of these adorable Christmas hair accessories for a little extra something this holiday season.

One of my absolute favorite accessories for all different hair types and outfits, are classic silver and gold hair pins, more specifically snowflake, star, and ribbon pins. They really bring out an extra shine to an outfit and depending on which metal you choose to go with, can also make your eyes pop. I think they are truly timeless, simple, and classic, as they bring in an extra shine without standing out too much. Found almost anywhere, from Target and Walmart to Ulta Beauty, they are fairly inexpensive pieces that I cannot recommend enough. 

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Additionally, if you are looking to truly stand out this holiday season, go for an adorable holiday headband. Holiday headbands can be as simple as red, gold, or silver, or can be decked out with different bows, reindeer antlers, bells, or even real candy canes! They can be worn by women of all ages and all hair types. They can turn a simple outfit into a holiday classic, with all sorts of adorable designs, and are also found practically anywhere for a low price. 

Finally, closing out the adorable holiday accessory list are a classic: bows! They come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Bows are something simple and adorable that are not just wrapping gifts. They are not only able to add a pop to a cute outfit, but they also keep your hair tied up and out of your face for a different look. These accessories are able to be mixed and matched, and once again able to be worn by women of all ages. 

Whether you are looking to keep it stunning or simple, and whether or not you are headed out to gather with others for the holidays this year, there is a Christmas hair accessory for everyone. From timeless pins to ultra-extravagant headbands and headpieces, your hair is sure to stand out with even the simplest of accessories. Experiment and enjoy!

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