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Customer Buys Beer and Toasts the Staff With $3000 Tip–As Restaurant Voluntarily Shuts Doors During COVID


A customer at an Ohio restaurant ordered a $ 7 beer the night it was closed for coronavirus and then dropped a huge tip for the staff as he left.

Brendan Ring at Nighttown / Facebook

Just before closing time on November 22, a man walked into Cleveland’s Nighttown jazz club. Ordered a Stella Artois, asked for the check, and wished the owner, Brendan Ring, all the best.

in a facebook postRing said the man asked that the tip he left be shared with the waiters.

Ring looked at the credit card the man had left him. When he saw how much he had left, “I ran after him,” Ring wrote, “and he said there’s no question we’ll see you when you reopen.”

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Describing the gesture as “amazing but symbolic of the kind of quality people” he and the staff have known for years, Ring said everyone at the restaurant is “humbly grateful for this incredibly kind and great gesture.”

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