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Covid’s Impact on Black Salons

By Jenna Brooks

Your hair is important, from maintenance to trims every few weeks, your hairstylist is a key person in your life for helping you feel confident and look your best. Unfortunately, the pandemic has cast all of this aside, with many being forced to quarantine, small businesses shutting down left and right, and frequent haircuts being much a thing of the past. Covid-19 has turned our worlds and our hair health upside down, so how have your salons been coping with the disaster?

Luckily, while many businesses have been forced to close temporarily or permanently, community support has been at an all-time high, with businesses still finding ways to be profitable. Salons have been able to take advantage of guidelines so they’re still able to take care of their clients while keeping everyone safe. These guidelines ranging from holding virtual tutorials and events to educate clients on how to take care of their hair from home, to having in-person services that are socially distanced, sanitized, and protected with the client and stylist wearing masks. Additionally, beyond the fairly little government loans and stimulus checks that have been passed out, companies like American Express have taken to large donations and fundraisers for black businesses and salons that are struggling. 

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Moreover, black salons have begun to invest back into their communities, providing outreach and assisting other small black-owned businesses. The pandemic has inspired people to get creative with their resources, meaning black salons have taken to partnerships with other black businesses for different products and tools. Overall, the tight-knit feeling in communities isn’t going anywhere, with overall morale and community being boosted, black salons aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

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