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Cardboard Artist Creates Mirror Surrounded By Black Legendary Heroes to Inspire Next Generation of Leaders


In honor of Black History Month, an Afro-Canadian artist created a way to reflect to young people the heroes of yesterday and inspire them to the greatness of tomorrow.

A small business owner in Mississauga, Ontario calls himself a ‘cardboard artist’, and his new limited-edition design features a mirror in the center, surrounded by the faces of 14 legendary black heroes from history.

Zelpha Comics Ltd.

Luanga Nuwame told GNN that he saw news reports in December of an increase in depression during the 2020 pandemic, especially among children.

“For the first time in recent history, you have children without school interactions… and many are questioning their future potential. From there, the idea of ​​my Reflection of black excellence the design just hit me. “

From Dr. King and Bessie Coleman to George Dixon and Rosa Parks, each of those great people, says Nuwame, “were once insecure and scared children.”

By looking in the mirror, children and adolescents can be inspired to see the best of themselves, their potential as future young leaders.

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Until now, the 43-year-old inventor primarily identified himself as a ‘geek nerdy boy’ whose online business, Zelpha Comics Ltd., was focused on publishing his variety of indie comic book titles such as Paper Rock Scissors N ‘Stuff Wars Y the Little Petalianne Adventures. Since its inception in 2012, Zelpha Comics has diversified into publishing trading cards, board game concepts, cardboard novelties, and providing custom design services for individuals or businesses.

Luanga Nuwame

With this new product, Nuwame hopes to be able to do something good. “I hope it can inspire at least some kids to want to be as good as the grown-ups. Like all my work, I do everything by hand, just myself, cardboard, glass and a blade in my home office. “

The mirror is wall mountable and is surrounded by six layers of hand-cut industrial cardboard made from locally sourced renewable materials.

He made two versions, a fact that can be fascinating to Americans. The black legends of the USA are household names in the United States: the likes of Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, and Jackie Robinson. The Canadian edition features not-so-familiar faces: Carrie Best, Elijah McCoy, and George Bonga.

By Luanga Nuwame

They both feature an inspirational reminder printed at the bottom: Always love yourself.

The price is $ 49.99, with only 50 copies available of each version. But, he told us, “if all 50 copies are bought, I will definitely create another edition with other great Black History legends around the mirror. I want each edition to present different faces. Then this idea will continue for sure. “

Check all the details on their website, including delivery times for products that are made to order: HandmadeCardboardInnovations.

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Born and raised in Canada, his father was from Togo and his mother, Jamaican. On his YouTube channel, Homemade Game Guru, he has shared his love for cardboard, adding 6 million views of his craft videos ranging from cardboard swimming pools to cardboard furniture to comic book crafts. Nuwame is also the author of the DIY manual. The Cardboard Bible.

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