Bees Wrap has new items!

This afternoon we found a number of great items. There are a few items in Bees Wrap worth featuring today, so let ‘s get to the goodies as quickly as possible!

The first item is
Multi-Print Medium Wrap – 3 Pack

An easy, everyday solution to minimize single-use plastic and reduce food waste. Our best-selling medium wrap works wonders to keep cheese fresh, bundle up baked goods and pack snacks on the go.
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The 2nd item on the list today is Vegan Sandwich Wrap 💰

Natural food wraps can make a powerful difference in reducing plastic waste. Whether your food storage needs are for on-the-go snacks, family dinners, or homemade desserts, our plant-based food wrap selections are made to fit your lifestyle.   

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For the third item on the list for today is Bread Wrap.

Store sourdough, wrap whole wheat, and cover ciabatta without plastic. Our bestselling bread wrap keeps loaves fresh and helps you take a small yet meaningful step to reduce single-use. Baking from scratch? Use your bread wrap as a cover during proofing and a no-slip surface for rolling or kneading dough.

Available in beeswax and vegan plant-based wax formulas. Heads up! Vegan wraps contain coconut and soy.

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Next we have Roll 💰

Your kitchen essential is now available in the largest format yet—a roll! Grab your scissors and trim the size you need. Create your own sizes for sandwiches, breads, fruit, cookies, and anything in between. These rolls are a perfect tool for any kitchen.

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And next up we’ve got Vegan Assorted 3 Pack.

Reusable, plant-based, made in Vermont. We substituted beeswax for candelilla wax, a plant native to the Southwest & Mexico with similar properties to beeswax. Our assorted set features small, medium, and large eco-friendly wraps that are essential for packing school lunches, storing food, and wrapping leftovers. The best part? Zero plastic waste.

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