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Australian Firefighters Pose With Adorable Rescued Animals for Sizzling Wildlife Charity Calendar


Turning the heat up for 2021, six new calendars show brave and incredibly handsome Australian firefighters posing with some of the most adorable animals their country has to offer.

What may be the world’s most popular calendar, now in its 28th year, is back, and this year the handsome heroes have been photographed with dogs, cats, koala bears, and even heart-melting kangaroos.


With the goal of cheering up the pessimism of the past eight months, all proceeds will be donated to native animal charities that are vital to supporting local wildlife.

This is an especially important cause given Australia’s catastrophic bushfires in 2019 and early 2019, which resulted in the estimated loss of 1 billion animals of diverse native wildlife.

While the fires may have disappeared, the devastated bush has made it impossible for many of the displaced animals to return to their natural habitat.

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One of the benefited centers is Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital, where Dr. Stephen Van Mil and his team are building Australia’s first mobile wildlife hospital. It is designed to quickly take you wherever the wildlife emergency occurs.

Speaking of creating the Australian Firefighters Calendar in a pandemic, Calendar Director David Rogers explained: “The coronavirus will never prevent us from bringing smiles to the faces of the world.”

With this year’s cat and dog calendars, there is a little twist. As COVID-19 restricted the team’s access to many rescued animals, the Australian public was asked to bring their own rescued furry friends to the photo shoot to help create these calendars.

The funds raised will allow the organization to help less fortunate animals find a new home through rescue organizations such as Safe Haven Animal Rescue and All Breeds Canine Rescue.

“You will see all your favorite Australian firefighters with all the varieties of animals that we were able to photograph,” said Rogers. “We have something for everyone!”

Australian Firefighters Calendar

Speaking of hope and new beginnings, Rogers noted: “Hanging their 2021 calendars on the wall and moving to January 2021 is a great reminder that next year will be a new beginning for everyone.”

You can buy all calendars here. If you want the focus in the photos below to be more on cute critters and less on handsome shirtless men, it looks like “’Animal Calendar’ (No Firefighters, Animals Only)” is the buy for you.

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Well, it’s time to enjoy the show.

Do you think these cute couple are the best of friends?


Maybe they are competing for an award for ‘best smile’?


Raise your hand if you want to hang out with these two at a picnic.


This little pony had a great day …


Sometimes, “Who is cuter?” It is an impossible question to answer.


We don’t think we’ve seen such happy ducklings.


If only all the photos featured flowers and puppies and winning smiles …


It’s really not a big deal. Just wear a cute rescue dog as a scarf.


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