Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Brow Freeze Is Perfect for Soap Brow Lovers — Review

Why do I love it so much when my brow hairs stick straight upward? I’m not quite sure, but whatever the reason, I try my damn hardest to get that fluffed-up look every time I do my makeup. “Soap brows” is likely what you call that look. The old-school hack of grooming brows with glycerin-based soap is so popular, it’s kind of become a catch-all term for the look itself. 

It’s a great look, but I do have qualms about putting soap on my face; it always deteriorates my makeup. Plus, cosmetic chemist Ginger King says the high pH of soap can cause skin irritation when used too often. “This is one of those hacks [that’s] OK to use once in a blue moon, not continued use,” she previously told Allure.

That’s why I’m a brow wax convert — because these stronger-than-gel products can achieve the same look with a formula that’s designed the be worn on skin for long periods of time, unlike soap. Unsurprisingly, the eyebrow experts at Anastasia Beverly Hills have just launched my favorite one so far: Brow Freeze

As brand founder Anastasia Soare tells Allure, the product was actually inspired by the soap brow trend. “Two years ago, everyone on Instagram was trying to have soap eyebrows,” she says. “But after half an hour when then water would evaporate, it became too flaky… so we created Brow Freeze.”

In its tiny twist-off tub, this plain wax doesn’t look like much at first glance, but it’s much more powerful than you’d expect. Consider it the brow grooming equivalent to Captain America: he might look like a regular (albeit supernaturally handsome) dude next to the Hulk or Thor, but he can bring down a helicopter with his bare hands like it’s a casual Tuesday. That’s why you’ve got to approach this stuff with a “less is more” mentality.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze Clear Brow Wax, $23 (Shop Now)

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