Amazon Launches Brick-and-Mortar Salon With High-Tech Hairstyling Experiences

While the COVID-19 pandemic has been very difficult for so many people and businesses, Amazon has thrived by fulfilling a much-needed service: selling and quickly delivering every imaginable kind of product when brick-and-mortar shopping had significant limitations. And now, as vaccinations enable more and more people to cautiously return to in-person activities, the powerhouse retailer doesn’t plan on getting lazy. As we’re growing increasingly comfortable with the idea of getting professional haircuts and having our hair colored again, Amazon is getting in on the salon business, too. 

On Tuesday, April 20, Amazon announced the launch of Amazon Salon, a new two-story concept salon that will marry the talent of experienced stylists and colorists with the technology and convenience we’ve come to expect of Amazon. That includes access to Fire tablets at each station, augmented reality hair-color try-ons, and new “point-and-learn technology,” in which customers can simply point to a displayed product and instantly see brand videos and educational content on a screen. And of course, customers can scan a QR code to visit the product page on Amazon to purchase that product and have it delivered to their home. 

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