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A Security Guard Cycled for an Hour to Return Woman’s Lost Wallet—Now the Community’s Buying Him a Car


We’ve all heard of an “Aha! moment, ”when something confusing suddenly makes sense or a brilliant idea comes out of nowhere. Well, it seems that in Hawaii there is also something known as “Aloha! moment ”: an occasion that offers someone the opportunity to bestow an act of love or kindness.

Chloe Marino, Aina Townsend

What happens when an “Aloha! Moment ”he meets and“ Aha! Time? “Good deed is paid up front, of course.

Chloe Marino was shopping at a supermarket in Kahului, Hawaii, with her 5-month-old son. As sometimes happens, he got distracted and accidentally left his wallet.

Fortunately, the wallet was spotted by the store’s eagle-eyed security guard, Aina Townsend, who offered to return it to its owner after her shift. Having no car, the brave 22-year-old took it upon himself to ride his bicycle for almost an hour, uphill, three miles, to the Marinos’ gate.

“You know, I lost a wallet before and it’s the worst thing in the world.” Townsend told CNN. “He was just doing what he felt was the right thing to do.”

Chloe, who didn’t even realize she had lost her wallet, was in awe of Townsend’s determination, as well as his willingness to help a total stranger.

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Her husband, Gray, was also impressed. So impressed, that he posted an account of Townsend’s good deed on his Facebook page:

“On Saturday my wife left her wallet in the Foodland shopping cart in Kahului next to the mall. After carrying the baby and shopping in the car, she hadn’t even realized she was gone.

Several hours later, someone knocked on our door. It was the security guard from Foodland. I had found the wallet, and after seeing that we did not return to look for it. He got on his bike and pedaled miles to Waiehu, where we lived, getting the address from his ID. He literally rode his bike to return her wallet. Fully packed with everything important to her, including cash. Nothing moved that much.

The security guard said her name was Aina José. He works at Kahului Food Land (on Maui). Words cannot do this gentleman justice. He really is what is right on our island and in this world. “

The Aha! moment followed soon after.

Gray Marino’s friend Greg Gaudet was inspired not only by Townsend’s selfless act, but also by the young man’s story – inspired enough to create a Go-Fund-Me page to see if people could raise enough money. so Townsend could trade in her bike for a car to make her commute to work.

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“… It seems that this young man moved to Maui 5 years ago to be with the woman he loved. They now have children and he works security at the grocery store to support him and his wife and to attend college. But what really got me was that he bikes to work and school every day because he doesn’t have a car, and he’s been doing it for 5 years. When I got into his position after a long day of work and school, wanting to go home to see my family and go to bed, but choosing to bike to the next city miles away instead of returning my wallet of this woman, I know. this guy has a big heart. This shows the effect an act of kindness and altruism can have and how we can impact the world by repeating these actions. “

Townsend’s good karma has so far translated into over $ 24,000 in donations worthy of a car, exceeding the original funding goal of $ 5,000 by almost $ 19,000.

“There were some times in my life where people did some things that had a big impact,” Gaudet told CNN. “He deserves it… He has been working hard for a long time. He’s a nice guy. He deserves a break. “

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For a young man from Hawaii who was just trying to do the right thing, we are happy to report that sometimes what is given really does turn around, and it goes around and around. Aloha!

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