5 Trending Plastic Surgery Procedures Post-Vaccination

Consequently, she says that currently, breast augmentation is super popular at her practice because this year, things are reopening and that includes pools and beaches, so bikinis will be brought out of drawers. “I keep hearing from patients things like, ‘I’ve always thought about a breast augmentation, and now I want to get it done before the summer’ and so I think a lot of young people are pushing to get those surgeries because they’re hoping to be out and about, maybe meeting a prospective partner, after more than a year of being by themselves and not doing much.”

In Matarasso’s Manhattan office, breast lifts, a procedure that removes any hanging breast skin and elevates a downward nipple up to a more forward position, are becoming more frequent, especially for older people whose breasts have started to sag. Mothers who don’t want the full “mommy makeover” but still want a little boost are also fans of a lift’s natural look.

“The extra skin makes them wear a bigger bra and I think that may be some part of what is also driving the popularity of the breast lift,” explains Matarasso, noting that when at home, patients “may not be in a fancier bra or held up properly, and it’s making them more aware of the sagging.” With the removal of the excess sagging skin, a newly restored perky breast is often one cup size smaller than their hanging breast, enabling them to wear a bra that actually fits their anatomy correctly.

Thermage to tighten skin and diminish fine lines

In Christman’s downtown Boston practice, a crush of recent patients have been seeking treatments that offer “quick turnover, quick results, and a quick boost,” and one of her go-to recommendations for anyone who is a good candidate is the zero-downtime Thermage, which she says “basically lifts and almost shrink-wraps the lower face and neck.”

By using radiofrequency energy, Thermage “harnesses your body’s own healing capabilities to build collagen,” she says. “Results can be subtle, but they’re cumulative, and there’s a real preventative benefit for younger patients who start in their late 30s and 40s,” according to Christman, especially if you return every few years.

Injectables, injectables, and more injectables

Every doctor Allure spoke to for this story majorly emphasized the recent and rising demand for injectables, notably Botox and filler. “We hadn’t really seen too many filler patients over the last year, especially patients who view injectables as more of a treat than a necessity,” says Doft. “But Botox and filler are becoming [popular again] now: People want to get their fine lines erased, to have their cheeks and chin plumped and sculpted. Lips are coming back, and we’re still seeing a huge focus on the jaw.”

Doft again credits people getting vaccinated and its accompanying hopeful energy of driving this “huge new trend, the feeling that they’re going to have a fun summer, and all of those social reasons.”

But perhaps most surprising…

One of the most unique trends, Christman says, is the high frequency of first-time patients — regardless of procedure. “During appointments, people tell me exactly what their plans are and it’s been fun to help people get ready for what feels like the new era, after vaccination.”

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