42 Black-Owned Beauty Brands to Support in 2020 — Shop Now

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While it’s top of mind now more than ever, let’s just get one thing straight: Every day is an opportunity to celebrate Black culture. Black innovators, artists, business people, and regular folk alike have all contributed so much to our society, locally and worldwide. We see the global influence of Black culture in so many different mediums, including beauty. This makes sense considering Black people, and in the case of beauty, specifically Black women and femmes, have been setting trends for ages. That whole “Instagram Baddie” look everyone’s been emulating? Gelled-down baby (and in some cases full adult) hairs? Neon-colored wigs blended to perfection? Mile-long acrylic nails? All of these are rooted in Black aesthetics — and that’s something to salute.

Unfortunately, while so many of our wider cultural and stylistic proclivities come from the Black community worldwide, Black people are often not recognized in the same way for creating these trends, and often do not profit financially from them. This is why it’s so important to support Black businesses and the creatives who are actually setting these trends. To honor them, we’re shouting out some of our favorite Black-owned beauty brands to support.

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