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2-Year-old Girl With a Genius IQ is the Youngest American to Become Member of Mensa


Kill Quest, American Mensa

Could you recognize the 50 US states just by looking at the outline of their shapes? How about naming each element on the rapid-fire periodic table by looking at the symbols?

Californian Kashe Quest can do all of those things, and much more, and is only 2 years old.

To top it all, with a high IQ of 146, Kashe recently became a America’s youngest Mensa member. Given that the international high IQ organization admits only the top 2% of the elite intelligentsia into its ranks, that’s quite an astonishing achievement for someone of any age, let alone a young child.

Showing advanced language skills far beyond most of her peers, Kashe’s parents Devin and Sukhjit Quest believed they saw early signs that their daughter could be Mensa material. His 18-month pediatric check-up confirmed his suspicions.

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“She has always shown us, more than anything, the propensity to explore her surroundings and ask ourselves the question ‘Why?'” Devin said. CNN. “If you don’t know something, you want to know what it is and how it works, and once you learn it, you apply it.”

In order to provide the most productive learning environment for Kashe, Devin and Sukhjit decided to have their IQ tested by a psychologist.

“I think the most important thing about us doing it was that we wanted to make sure that we were giving her everything that she also needed, in terms of her development, natural curiosity and disposition, and we wanted to make sure that we did our part to achieve that. happen for her, ”Sukhjit told CNN.

The Quests admit that parenting a bright child has been a true learning experience for them, too. Devin and Sukhjit say that they have become extremely conscious of making the best language decisions when speaking to Kashe, and they believe that their own communication skills have greatly improved as a result.

Although endowed with a genius IQ, the Quests feel that Kashe’s best interests will be served if he lets her interact with children of her own age group. To that end, Sukhjit recently opened the Modern Schoolhouse preschool in his home. (A dozen students enrolled in the inaugural class and there are plans to expand to a larger facility.)

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While it is too early to know if they have a future Danger! champion among them, right now, the focus of Quests is to make sure Kashe has a happy and well-adjusted childhood. “She is a girl at heart and we want to maintain that beauty as long as possible,” Sukhjit told 23-ABC.

And that sounds like smart parenting.

(MEET UP Kashe in the ABC News video below).

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