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13-Year-old ‘Angel’ is Donating Thousands of Masks, Meals, and Clothing to Seattle’s Homeless–WATCH


Liem Kaplan may only be 13, but he has already spent the last seven years of his life serving his community.

Since COVID-19 hit the Seattle area, he has been applying his generous nature ten times: obtaining more than 5,000 face masks, as well as disinfectant, food, clothing and shelter for others, whatever it takes to help those most in need support themselves. protected from the virus.


The adolescent’s drive to do good for others comes from being supported in some of his own challenges: Liem was born with arms that are little different from most others. Adopted as an 11-month-old from Vietnam, his Washington family has been cheering him on all the way in his altruistic endeavors, and has been organizing coat drives and other drives for vulnerable children since the age of six.

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This hero is not going to stop helping others any time soon. When Q13 FOX Asked how long he plans to keep showing up for others, he said “Probably the rest of my life.”

As for the people Liem and his team of volunteers are helping? Tony, 62, recently found himself homeless for the first time. When Liem helped him find a hotel to stay, Tony had only one word to describe his new friend. He is an “angel,” he claimed.

If you want to help or donate to Liem’s ​​Giving Hope Project, you can go to the website here.

(WATCH This teenager’s remarkable story in the Q13 video below).

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