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11 Best Rabbit Vibrators of 2021 to Buy Online – Reviews

Anyone with a curiosity for sex toys (or anyone who watched Sex and the City) has likely heard the legend of the rabbit vibrator. Rather than making you choose between a dildo or a clitoral vibrator — or having penetrative sex while stimulating your clit — the rabbit does it all simultaneously. It acts as an external clitoral vibe while giving earth-shattering internal G-spot stimulation. There’s even a rabbit vibrator that adds anal into the mix for maximum erogenous-zone stimulation.

Recent research suggests that the clit is far more than a mere button above the vaginal opening, but has “legs” that extend up and around. What’s this mean? Well, the area we’ve been referring to as the “G-Spot” all this time may just be an expression for another part of the clitoris. As cool as the long-overdue emerging science on the anatomy of the clitoris is, let’s get to the point: If you have a vulva, you may fall in love with a rabbit vibrator.

Not sure where to buy one or which option is right for you? I’ve rounded up my favorite bunny-shaped vibes in a range of designs and prices to choose from — all available online, and all with my stamp of (very pleased) approval. There are rabbit vibrators that can be controlled across the country, beautiful blue toys that look like jewelry, and kinky black options that give as much pleasure as possible. Enjoy. 

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